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Cuvee Les Roses - Organic Champagne

Cuvée Rosé des Roses


This 2008 Cuvée des Roses, with 100% Pinot Meunier grapes, is made using grape clusters harvested by hand from a single parcel. This particular choice of black grapes with white juice gives the rosé a strong aroma of blackcurrant, combining notes of “Tagada” strawberries and creamy jams. One sip will surely transport you back to your childhood. Crisp and fresh, you’ll be moved by its pleasant balance and its finish with subtle notes of red berries. This very mineral 2008 vintage is the essence of the estate’s terroirs.

2008 vintage
100% Pinot Meunier

From the Lieu-dit Les Roses parcel
Argilo-calcareous soil

Extra Brut (residual sugar: 4g/l)


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